Hello friends I’m Dr. Schulze.  Many years ago when I first opened my clinic, I knew that in order to help my patients get well, I had to get them to eat better food. But, because a lot of food nowadays is grown on depleted soils, or what I call “chemically boosted dirt”, it has a lot of missing nutrition in it.

Even if it doesn’t, my patients were consuming so much junk food, sugar, salt, chocolate, tea, alcohol, drugs – it burnt out their digestive systems and they weren’t able to assimilate most of what they ate anyway. So I knew I had to get my patients on extra nutritional supplementation.

After all, it’s a basic medical fact that when you’re body has a full supply, a rich supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in your body, in your blood and in your cells, it now has the building blocks it needs to build hormones and immune chemicals, and to manufacture all sorts of things that you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

Nutrition helps to repair you, to heal you, to prevent your body from premature aging, to prevent your body breaking down in the first place, to prevent your body getting sick. Better yet, this nutrition gives you tons of energy to do all the things that you want to do in life.

Four decades ago when I first opened my clinic, I knew what good food was, but I really had no idea what good supplements were. I thought I did. I suggested good quality nutritional supplements for my patients, but I had one little problem. Nobody was feeling any better with the vast majority of the supplements on the market. Sure I saw little differences, but I wanted BIG differences and my patients wanted miracles. Many of them needed miracles. So one day I thought, you know what? I am going to go down and visit these vitamin and mineral manufacturers. Maybe I am doing something wrong; maybe they’re doing something wrong. Regardless, I had to discover why these supplements were not working for me, or my patients.

Well, I didn’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out because the minute I walked through the door I saw the big problem. Just imagine… These places look like the warehouse at the end of the Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark where they shelve the ark in some huge, almost endless government warehouse. Except it wasn’t crates of relics, it was tens of thousands of plastic drums filled with white powders with labels on them from all the major chemical companies in America. That’s right, the ingredients were ALL man-made, synthetic, vitamin chemotherapy chemicals. My patients did NOT need more chemicals in their lives!

So, immediately I started looking for natural vitamins, natural minerals, natural amino acids, natural enzymes, natural nutritional supplements. I found them and started using them in my clinic for a few months, but then again… Nobody was feeling any better. Nobody was getting well.

I looked even further into these natural supplements, and when I did, I discovered… they’re worse! They made the white chemical powders look good; at least look clean. Some of the ingredients were made from food, but the same foods that I already tried to stop my patients from eating!

A lot of the Vitamin A out there is made from fish and fish liver oils. Livers are toxic – it’s the most toxic part of the fish because the liver’s job to filter the blood, so it’s filled with toxins and poisons! You do not want to eat this.

The B vitamins, made from cows’ livers, are even more toxic! The calcium came from oyster shells and animal bones! Friends, we’re not lions. We can’t digest this stuff. And the iron… well, the iron came from actual iron.

Here’s a clue my friends, if you try to eat something and it breaks your teeth or cuts your stomach to ribbons, you’re probably not going to be able to digest it. Think about it? Horse manure is one of the highest sources of calcium on the planet, but I’m not going to eat it. It’s NOT good food. And I’m not going to blend this stuff up thinking that will somehow change what it is.

This is when I realized, since I was getting my patients to eat the best foods, I also needed to get them to eat the best food-based supplements too. Ones that were actually made from REAL food, not chemicals, not animal guts, bones, shells and metal! This is when my journey really started.

I searched for foods and herbs that were the absolute highest in particular nutrients: super plants, super foods like Blue-green algae, Spirulina and Chlorella. Nature’s micro-plants – one of the highest sources on the planet of protein, four to five times more than meat-based proteins.

These are also micro-herbs and single-cell plants that assimilate in minutes, which means they get into your body and cells FAST. They are also one of the richest sources of vitamin B12 and beta-carotene. You can see it in the rich color. Beta-carotene is a pigment you can see in plants, that you’re never going to find in any white chemical vitamin powders.

I also added Acerola cherries and citrus – the highest and most stable sources of vitamin C on the planet and also the vitamin C complex nutrients like hesperidin, rutin and bioflavonoids that you need to stay healthy.

Plus, Alfalfa, Barley, and Wheat grasses – these are the vitamin and mineral kings of the planet. This is what we feed cows and then we eat the cows. We’d have a lot less disease if we ate the herbs instead. And beautiful seaweeds and sea vegetables that grow in the ocean; they contain almost every mineral known to man.

These are super foods, they are not only the richest sources of vitamins and minerals on the planet, but they are natural plants and herbs that also contain nutritional substances that science and medicine hasn’t even discovered yet, and probably will never discover. Sure they contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12 but they also contain B2367 that we won’t discover for another 200 years.

So, when I started using these miracle foods, and turned them into my SuperFood products, and started getting my patients to take them – well, that’s when I saw miracles happen in my clinic. This is when my patients felt the miracles happen. SuperFood changed my life and SuperFood changed my patients’ lives.

Why not see for yourself how SuperFood will change your life.  What kind of miracles will powerful nutrition create for you?  These are nature’s super foods: designed by God, grown by nature. Yes, I put my name on it, but it’s just blended by Dr. Schulze.