SuperFood Powder


The Most Powerful Nutrients on the Planet!
All in one Jar!

BLASTS every cell in your body with nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals to give you more ENERGY than ever

The FINEST whole food, herbal, vitamin and mineral product available ANYWHERE

Nature’s high-octane SUPER-NUTRITION that ASSIMILATES in seconds

14-ounce powder / 1-month supply

Botanical Ingredients

Wild-Harvested spirulina algae, organic blue-Green algae, Chlorella broken-Cell algae, organic barley Grass, organic alfalfa Grass, organic Wheat Grass, organic Purple Dulse seaweed, organic acerola Cherry, organic Rose Hips, Palm fruit, organic lemon Peel, organic orange Peel, organic beet Root, organic spinach leaf, non-fermentable saccharomyces cerevisiae nutritional Yeast.


How It Works

Most people today live on a diet of overprocessed and overcooked food, not to mention coffee, sugar, chocolate, junk food, prescription drugs and alcohol. Our environment is more toxic, and has more chemical pollutants and less oxygen in it, than ever before. Most of us suffer from lack of exercise, lack of sleep and excessive stress. This constant bombardment that we call “modern living” devours nutrients like a raging forest fire with a 100-mph tailwind.

A lack of nutrition in your blood can cause everything from low energy and a weak immune system to premature aging and virtually any disease. Nutrition is what builds every cell, every organ and every metabolic chemical in your body—it’s what YOU are made of. Having a rich supply of nutrition in your blood gives you energy, vitality and strength, protects you from disease and illness, and if you get sick, speeds up your recovery dramatically.


What SuperFood Plus Will Do for You

Dr. Schulze designed SuperFood Plus to be a rapid-assimilation, rapid-deployment, nutrient-saturated, plant-based vitamin and mineral concentrate.

Dr. Schulze had many patients who, because of their broken down and diseased bodies, couldn’t digest and utilize the nutrition from their foods, nor their medical doctors’ pills or even injections. They were dying, because they had run out of blood and cell-building nutrition. SuperFood Plus mixed with fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juice succeeded where everything else failed. It was able to get nutrition into anemic blood, and into their cells and organs. SuperFood Plus created healing miracles.

Soon after, Dr. Schulze started prescribing it to his patients who were not as ill, and even to his healthy patients. He saw a remarkable increase in his patients’ energy level and their vitality and their general level of health, not to mention their skin, hair, nails and the way they looked. He then prescribed SuperFood Plus for the old, and even the young, the sick and the healthy, to all of his patients and even for all of their pets. The results were nothing short of life-changing.