I have been using SuperFood for years and I have had amazing results. I started using SuperFood because it was recommended to keep me regular. After five years I noticed I never got sick! No more sinus infections; no more flu! My father was suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety after heart surgery. We were told he would need to be put into a full service home. He was on medication for everything and the drugs were killing him! I convinced my mother to start giving him SuperFood and stop all the medications. After one month he recovered completely and was back to his lovely self. Thank you, Dr. Schulze!

– R.H., Los Angeles, CA

I have been using Dr. Schulze’s products since 2006 and I take SuperFood every day. I went to see the doctor a year ago and he said I’m in perfect health and that there is nothing wrong with me. I’m 84 years young and SuperFood is keeping me young and healthy. Thank you for these great products!

– William D., Walsh, CO


I take SuperFood Plus when I’m doing a detox, but SuperFood-100 is what my body needs each day and it’s PERFECT for my daily activities. This is a great product for all! Thanks, Doctor!

– Jordan P.

I began taking Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood Plus in February and have continued taking it very regularly. I had been taking a green supplement before, but at this point I can say with conviction that the effects and results of taking this product has surprised me. My body feels as though now it is getting complete nutrition on every level and I have enjoyed excellent health. I frankly can’t imagine more benefits and nutrition packed into one product from a small intake of two tablespoons. I am sold!

– Martha, Corintha, VT

I have tried many different products in my 40 years of living, and when I tried the SuperFood Plus, it was amazing and the results were quick. My energy increased and my body started to feel better. I can honestly say it has changed my life and my way of thinking. I am much more positive. When you want to try the best for your health, start with the best products available—the products by Dr. Schulze!

– Jimmy L., Acton, CA


Everybody thinks that I’m 20 years younger than my true age. I’m 77 years old and I still mow my own lawn. My hair is dark without any gray hair, too!

– Ann C., Corsicana, TX