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“SuperFood Plus is the missing link in most people’s lives. Powerful nutrition protects your body and keeps you looking and feeling younger. I have never met a person that didn’t need more nutrition.”

— Dr. Schulze

SUPERFOOD PLUS   The Missing Link in Your Life

Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood powder, tablets and bars were developed in my clinics working with tens of thousands of patients over three decades. SuperFood Plus is a refinement of these formulas and have proven to be the most effective herbal formulas anywhere. I do not know what is wrong with you, and I do not know exactly what your body needs to heal, repair and strengthen. So, I gave my patients everything, because everyone is helped by flooding their body with the finest nutrition.

In my clinic I never saw man-made chemical and synthetic nutrition help any patient get well, ever! Mainly, because it is man-made, so your body finds it hard to assimilate synthetic chemical alien substances. Man-made is also is full of nutritional holes and humbled by the natural nutritional complexity of a simple tangerine.

Instead, I looked for whole herbs and foods that were the highest in nutrition on the planet, power-packed, nutrient-dense and extreme. I also knew these herbs and foods created by God would have in them nutritional complexes that are missing from all the man-made copies; nutrition that we don’t even know exists, that we haven’t discovered yet, and have no tests to even determine what it is.

I designed SuperFood Plus to be a rapid assimilation, rapid deployment, nutrient-saturated, plant-based vitamin and mineral concentrate. SuperFood Plus is my antidote for modern life. It is a balanced formulation of the most easy-to-assimilate, nutrient-dense micro-plants, herbs and foods on the planet.

Junk food is just that — junk! And, heating any food kills the nutrition. Add stress, anxiety, a lack of exercise and a lack of sleep, and now you have a recipe for disaster—a health disaster. So I’ll say it again: SuperFood Plus is my antidote for modern life!

SUPERFOOD   Benefits

superfood-plus-vegWhen most hear the word SuperFood, they often think about foods that are packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. While this is true, SuperFood is so much more. It really is a fountain of youth, that slows aging, even reverses it, heals disease and illness and creates amazing powerful health, and it’s powerful nutrition.

It feeds every cell in your body and builds healthy strong new cells, hormones, skin, bones, muscle, organs… it builds you! And, when I flooded my patients’ bodies and blood with these extremely powerful SuperFoods, this is what started the miracles.


Twenty-eight years ago, out of desperation, Dr. Schulze made his first crude batch of SuperFood for a terminally ill patient, in the kitchen of his clinic. The results were nothing short of miraculous. The patient beat the odds and completely recovered, and is still alive today. Over the last three decades, Dr. Schulze continued to make this formula for his patients and customers. This formula has not only brought the sick and dying back to life, but also gave everyone else the energy and vitality they needed to enjoy life more.